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Pull Up Mate – World-acclaimed leader in affordable, versatile, and tough portable pull up bars and home calisthenics equipment.

Tested by world famous sportsmen including the most famous calisthenics athlete there is, as well as F1 drivers, Pull Up Mate has taken the World by storm.


The best portable pull up bar I’ve ever used.” - Aslan Steel, NinjaWarrior Former Stunt Test Team & Calisthenics Master Trainer

I can’t say enough about this tool!” - Kevin Rail, Fitness Trainer

"…would recommend it over and over”Danny Smith

Great product! Especially if you are into bodyweight training” - Prem Raj


Join the rebellion. Fight your fitness.

Pull Up Mate

The revolutionary Pull Up Mate; the original, affordable home fitness solution offers you the chance to workout in a massive variety of ways on your own equipment, in your own time, to your own rules. Available now with free delivery anywhere in the US, the Pull Up Mate costs from as little as $219.95 delivered, and is built to last a lifetime.

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Pull Up Bar and Dip Station  
Pull Up Mate X

Whether you're male or female, at beginner, intermediate or advanced training level, Pull Up Mate X is for you.

Say goodbye to gym memberships, fad diets and false promises.
Say hello to the last workout guide you'll ever need.

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Portable Parallel Bars

Portable Parallel Bars are lightweight but very strong calisthenics training apparatus. There are lots exercises that can be achieved in basic forms, and even more alternatives open up as you get stronger. Another great piece of equipment if you love bodyweight exercises.

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  • Danny Smith
    Danny Smith
    about 2 months ago
    I have an older model but it helps me so much as I'm training to be a calisthenics coach, so many different ways to do so many different workouts! would recommend it over and over
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    about 2 months ago
    According to the paperwork, I'm on the limit for being too fat to use it, but use it I did, and die I did not. Looks smart and professional so I can pretend to know what I'm doing when guests peek into my home gym.
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  • Hanlie Signorini
    Hanlie Signorini
    about 10 months ago
    I couldn’t believe how super easy the #pullupmate is to assemble. The options are endless. Having my own equipment will help me to achieve my goals even sooner.
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  • Tegan Tbl
    Tegan Tbl
    about 3 months ago
    Amazing delivery time, especially as I ordered on the 23rd December! Really friendly customer service! Set it all up today within 10 minutes! Two very happy gymnasts! Thank you!!
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  • Scott
    about 6 months ago
    Brilliant bit of kit for home workouts. Only complaint would be the dip bar being quite wide for certain individuals but they’ve recently updated the pull up mate with added dip attachments that male it a closer grip.
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  • Kevin Rail
    Kevin Rail
    about 15 months ago
    I can’t say enough about this tool! I love the portability, the easy assembly and the fact that I can set it up in my living room or take it to the park to work out! I highly recommend it!
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