Pull Up Mate With Storage Bag

Pull Up Mate With Storage Bag




Pull Up Mate - The Portable Free Standing Pull Up Bar

Pull Up Mate Home pull up station

The Pull Up Mate free standing pull up bar and dip station is a revolution in home exercise.

With effortless assembly and disassembly, the Pull Up Mate is a complete home workout with no worries for space or mess. Simply pack up when you’re done!

The Pull Up Mate allows you to perform dozens of gymnastic, calisthenic, and bodyweight exercises in the comfort of your own home.

With a totally re-imagined base, we offer the most stable collapsible pull up bar and calisthenics tool available.


Wide-Grip, Wide Back

With a wide top-bar, the Pull Up Mate provides the best versatility on the market.
You can perform everything from a narrow-grip chin up to a wide-grip pull up from standing height. This comes with all-improved stability and reliability.

A wider grip transfers the effort to the lats and other scapular muscles. Combining this with closer-grip chin ups (which put more load towards the biceps) helps build a well-rounded upper body.

The Pull Up Mate gives you options for wide-grip pull ups, neutral grips, and close-grip chin ups. With this versatility, your workout and your results are in your control.

free standing pull up bar

With a wider bar grip, you are forcing a lot more work from your latissimus dorsi, and other back muscles, to lift your body weight to the same height. Close grip pull-ups incorporate your biceps and pectoral muscles as well as your lats (being the primary mover), meaning that the work is spread out across a wider number of muscles groups. This makes close-grip pull ups seem easier to accomplish. However, with a wider grip, and more concentrated muscle development, a more rounded workout routine can be developed.

What this all means is that being able to change muscle grip, once you develop your back muscles well enough, gives you more opportunity to work your upper body how you want it, and get that hard-earned look you deserve.


Compact Height 1.3m
Full Extended Height 2.0m
Item Weight 19kgs
Maximum Weight of User 120Kgs
Base Dimensions 117cm x 113cm
Inner bar dimensions (gap between bars) 60cm
Key Features

  Fully Extendable
  Rigid Base
  Easy to Assemble
  Engineered Design
  Finished in  Black/Red Powdercoat


Please note: This item includes a storage bag.


Pull Up Mate Base Upgrade 2018

  Following your direct feedback, we’ve made some distinct changes to the Pull Up Mate. The new redesigned base section offers vastly increased strength and stability, along with providing increased height and a fantastic new range of potential workouts!


Potential Exercises:


As well as the standard full height pull ups, chin ups, dips and supine row exercises, Pull Up Mate enables you to also take on other exercises as follows:


Leg raises

Leg raises are a fantastic way you can work your abdominal muscles and improve your core body strength using Pull Up Mate. From a position of holding your weight on the top supports of the frame, with your backside against the top cross member, raise your legs in unison to a 90 degree angle to your upper body. It is important to raise and lower your legs slowly and at the same rate. You may find, without good core body strength, you will begin to swing and find it difficult to control your body movement. However, this will improve in time.

Knee raises

These are very similar to leg raises but are easier to achieve due to the reduced weight involved. This exercise will put less strain on your hips and can be exchanged for leg raises once your body strength improves.

Modified push ups

Modified push ups are also possible by turning over the Pull Up Mate so that the top bar is just off the ground. Then, starting on one side of the frame, with one hand gripping the frame and the other on the ground, slowly lower your body until the hand gripping the frame touches your chest, and then rise. Ensure that you maintain good body position throughout. If you find the position difficult, instead of resting on your toes like the standard push up technique, use your knees for support. See our video for a visual representation of this exercise here.


Dips have long been known as one of the more important exercise routines for building upper body muscle, due to the closed kinetic chain movements that they require. The motion of muscle compression, combined with the static position of your legs, means that you are working more than one muscle group simultaneously. Whilst it is commonly considered that dips solely concentrate on tricep development, in fact the exercise also helps to develop the biceps, pectoral muscles, deltoids, abdominal muscles, the latissimus dorsi muscles and the lower back.

Supine row

This is an exercise that is also known as a closed kinetic chain exercise (CKC). The supine row, or inverted row, is designed to work the muscles of your upper back, predominantly your trapezius and latissimus dorsi (lats). It is important to maintain good body form with this exercise to ensure that you are working the right parts of your body.

Chin ups and Pull-ups

Of course, chin ups and pull ups are also vitally important components of a full upper body work out routine. Due to the nature of these exercises, the amount of work is determined by your body weight and position. The Pull Up Mate enables you to modify your body position to allow assisted chin and pull ups to work your muscles more and less as necessary.

Potential 'Wide-Grip' Exercises:


With the wide-grip top bar, the Pull Up Mate also allows a range of exercises impossible with the vast majority of other pull up bars, such as:


Wide grip push ups

With the wide grip pull up frame in an accessible position, position yourself so that your hands are holding the frame outside the width of your shoulders. The normal push up position is with hands more or less in line with your shoulder width. With this wider grip, you will work your pectoral muscles more, and your triceps (which do take a little of the work in normal push ups) and biceps less. This type of push up is slightly harder, and the wider your grip becomes, the more difficult the push up.

Wide grip inverted row (a.k.a. supine row or reverse push up)

The supine row is an excellent type of exercise for beginners to professional bodybuilders due to the way that it works the back muscles to strengthen your overall upper body and provide a strong basis for further upper body development. Wide grip inverted rows enable more focus on the latissimus dorsi and trapezius muscles (as opposed to more concentrated focus on the biceps).

To perform an inverted row using the Pull Up Mate, lie on your back and stretch up to reach the bar from underneath, place your heels on the ground and slowly lift yourself up to the bar, ensuring that your elbows maintain position and your knees are extended. To make the exercise easier, lower the height of your feet compared to your shoulders. To make the exercise more difficult, raise your feet height. Always ensure your legs are straight and that your arms return to a straight lock between lifts. See here for more information.



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I love this product! I'm now using it on a daily basis and it has completely changed the way I train. Super easy to assemble and it's stable!

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