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Pull Up Mate, Bag, & Dip Kit with FREE Pull Up Mate X

Pull Up Mate, Bag, & Dip Kit with FREE Pull Up Mate X

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Pull Up Mate, Bag, & Dip Kit (Bundle)

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Pull Up Mate X (Bundle)

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 Versatile Home Fitness Equipment.

 Full Detailed Exercise Guide.

 Complete Diet Plan.

Everything you need to get in shape in 2019.

Start off 2019 as you mean to go on! Get your our latest 2018/19 Pull Up Mate, with close-grip dip kit, and a carry bag, plus a free copy of our 500 page Pull Up Mate X Downloadable Fitness & Nutrition Guide! 

To help you start off your year as you mean to go on, we're giving away a free copy of Pull Up Mate X with every Pull Up Mate and Dip Kit package. So you'll not only get a full training and nutrition guide, but also the equipment to carry it all out on. If you're not in shape within the next few months, you'll only have your own commitment to blame!

Begin your 2019 with a bang, and make that new resolution count with Pull Up Mate.



Package Contents


Package Specifications


Pull Up Mate

Compact Height 1.3m
Full Extended Height 2.0m
Item Weight 42lbs (19kgs)
Maximum Weight of User 242lbs (110kgs)
Base Dimensions 117cm x 113cm
Standard Inner bar dimensions (gap between bars) 60cm
Gap Between Bars With Close Grip Dip Adapter 53cm
Key Features

  Fully Extendable
  Rigid Base
  Easy to Assemble
  Engineered Design
  Finished in Black/Red Powdercoat

Carry Bag

  Width Depth Length
Standard Bag 400mm 220mm 1200mm



   Fully Waterproof
   Can fit Pull Up Mate and Close Grip Dip Kit together

Pull Up Mate X Contents



INTRODUCTION – A guide to fitness, choosing a workout plan and the terminology used in the plans. Important pre-reading before embarking on any of the workouts.
WEEKLY PLANNER – Our template for planning a week’s worth of exercise including our favourite structures as examples.
WORKOUT PACKS – Separate packs of male and female weekly workout plans for different abilities.
WORKOUT PLANS – Individual and sets of complementary workouts. Includes start and finish position photos for each exercise.
STRETCHES – Our comprehensive library of stretches and an easy-to-follow protocol for pre and post workout stretching.
CARDIO PLAN – The guide to cardio and how to fit it in alongside your Pull-Up Mate workouts.
EXERCISE LIBRARY – A full list of all 280 exercises in the plan, categorised by the body part they work: back; biceps; triceps; chest; shoulders; core & abs; grip; quads; glutes; hamstrings; calves; and full body (plyometrics). Use it for reference, to find exercises for lagging body parts or get creative by making your own workouts.
FITNESS TESTS AND STATISTICS TRACKER – Tests to measure your progress and improvement plus tracking sheet to log the dates and results.
12-WEEK TRANSFORMATION – Our guide to using the workouts and diet plans provided to transform your body in just 12 weeks.




INTRODUCTION – Explanation of a healthy diet, definitions of different types of foods, calorie information, tips and more.
RECIPES – Detailed recipes for meals found in the meal plans. Make healthy dieting delicious!
MEAL PLANS – 2-week meal plans with four different calorie variations: 1800 kcal; 2300kcal; 2600kcal 3000 kcal. Remove guesswork and mealtime planning stress with perfectly balanced nutrition designed to get results.


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