Pull Up Mate 1 To Pull Up Mate 2 Upgrade Pack

Pull Up Mate 1 To Pull Up Mate 2 Upgrade Pack




Upgrade Your Pull Up Mate!

 Get access to more ADVANCED exercises to improve your core strength and muscle. 

UNLEASH your inner beast with focused calisthenics training. 

 Build HUGE upper body strength by performing back levers, muscle ups, and even human flags!

The new upgrade kit for the Pull Up Mate is a direct bolt-on kit designed to turn your standard Pull Up Mate into the latest Pull Up Mate 2. This upgrade contains alternate bars and fixations that just slot into place, and replace some of the sections on the Pull Up Mate. 

No modifications are necessary. 

All upgrade components included, comprising of: 

 2 x Black 'Long-L' Upright Bars
 2 x Black Bar End 'Short-L' Adapters
 1 x Top Pull Up Bar
 2 x Red Base Upright Bars
 2 x Red Base Feet Bars
 10 x Pins
 1 x Additional Carry & Storage Bag*


*Storage bag supplied may be shorter than the standard Pull Up Mate bag.

PLEASE NOTE: This upgrade is only compatible with the later 2018/19 version of the Pull Up Mate with the raised base. The older Pull Up Mate with the flat base design is not compatible.


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